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I Sing a song of youth truth and beauty
I sing a song of sadness and pain
I sing a song of forever beloved
I sing a song of sadness and pain
Why must our youth, truth and beauty
be overcome with old age and death
Why must we try so hard to remember
who we are and what we came here to do
So sing your song of youth truth and beauty
till you're overcome with old age and death
But don't forget each day to meet your maker
and give thanks for each day of life
For each night we sleep it is like dying
and each day we wake we are reborn

Written by: Fred Hartzell - Copyright 1999

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" Three Rock poems"

speak to me
tell me of strange things
They say time is-does not pass

Love comes quickly
seeps into painful cracks
In soul caresses

"We are your bones
The water your blood
Your breath the sky.

Written by: Fred Hartzell - Copyright 1999

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"Miscellaneous ideas"

Honey Bear talks to me
The tea warms my soul
All is well

When we are quiet
Your presence
Heals my soul

Innocense and wisdom live together

The seeds of being found are in being lost

There is more to life than survival
If you cannot be man enough to trust yourself
You cannot really live at all!

Written by: Fred Hartzell - Copyright 1999

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"Time, Space and Being "

I asked God one day "May I soul travel please!"
So I did and it scared me to death
So I said,"God, make it good so I don't die of fright."
So He did and So Grateful I AM
"Please God May I see you and go where you are?"
"Come! Come! Play hide and seek" God says
So I look and I look first on Earth then Beyond
"Come find me come find me" God says
So I look to the Galaxy and then far beyond
But Beyond so terrifies me
Then God sends me a friend that understands the beyond
Then all the galaxies welcome me
Finally I find him "Too serious!", he said
"You're too serious, lighten up."Said he.
"Have some fun! Lighten up. Be at peace my child
And Travel the Galaxies with Me"
Written by: Fred Hartzell - Copyright 1999

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"Where did you go?"

Fred! Where are you?
Where did you go?
I haven't seen you except in rare glimpses for years now.
I miss your mesmerizing enthusiasm--your zest for life.
I miss you, Fred.

I, your body miss you soo.
You have given yourself, your soul to everyone but me.
I need you to be with me again before I die or I will die!
Please come back to me please love me.
I never failed you. You failed yourself. I your body have done nothing wrong. Come back! Come Back! before it's too late! You are the only one I can't live without! Come Back!!!

Written by: Fred Hartzell - Copyright 1999

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"Set In Stone"

Hello, My name will be SET IN STONE
Where I live is the center of this Galaxy so I will call my planet Galactic Center
My name denotes the lack of freedom in actions I have in my daily life.
This lack of freedom has been well thought out in order to continue our living culture without interuption for millions of years.
We have presently existed 50 million years as an unending unbroken culture.
Time travels differently where we live in the Galactic Core.
Approximately 10,000 of our days if they were 24 hour days would equal one of your 24 hour days."
However, since I can live 1,000,000 years or longer because of our controlled culture I have already lived at the time I am writing this about 900,000 years.

I was what you would consider a 15 year old human when Fred arrived from the Outer Rim planet Earth.
I was a Prince of the Realm much like Prince Charles of England at that time.
And I was fascinated with the Rim Dweller and his stories of his home planet.
He said he was from Earth and had somehow projected his consciousness to Galactic Center
We knew this was the mark of a very developed soul.
That he had survived the journey at all in his travelling form meant to us he was on a spiritual quest or mission.
Though our IQ Quotient would range somewhere between 1000 and 10,000 please know that our bodies are basically human like yours
and that our IQ's mainly stem from millions of years of developmental knowledge.
Since 100 years in your time equals about 365,000,000 years of our time we use time travel and time compression and expansion to experience your worlds and times.
We even make worlds like your own that are in a real form of virtual reality so that we can directly experience the incredible freedom you have on your planet.
We make whole worlds that are similar to the holodeck on Star Trek but instead of a small area they contain the whole Earth planet or any other planet or dimension we choose to play at or pretend to inhabit in whatever era we choose over millions of years.
Thousands of us at a time inhabit these Earths for periods of time that would be like 8 hours a day for you.
However, we now have the option to expand time so that we can live a whole lifetime during the 8 hours on our planet.
So we meditate and sleep for 8 hours. Then we work and go about our mundane completely organized existence for 8 hours.
Then we "go to heaven" which is what we call our Earth Freedom place for 8 hours.
You may not see earth as heaven but it is for us.
We maximize the freedoms and joys of your planet and so it has become a heaven for us.
Freedom is such a joy when it doesn't destroy your home planet.
On these Earths we can live regular earth lives from any era as well as create custom scenarios from Earth's books, movies and legends.
All the people on Galactic Center could if they wished master every language on Earth in about 12 hours.
As a result, once inspired some intellectuals of my planet have managed to live through time expansion thousands of lives of historical Earth figures.
The benefits of these experiences greatly enrich and infuse our culture and incease its healthy lifespan.
We presently believe another 20 million years has been added on to our culture just from what we have learned from thousands of years of mistakes on Earth.
They may not be mistakes for the individual but many times they are disastrous experiments for Earth's cultures and ecologies long term.
On your planet freedom and repression destroy everything eventually.
On our planet perfect organization keeps everything working for millions of years.
Everything is planned: birth, marriage, death and work, thoughts and actions. Everything.
It is possible to know at any age what one will do and think and what one will do on a specific day on any day past or future including ones day of passing. However, the date of passing can be extended depending on how the culture is doing.
Though it pains us we know that it is the only way for our cultures to continue without war, criminals or conflict for millions and millions of years
But we have also found that without some form of freedom our people mentally and physically perish.
So virtual planets like Earth were created for us to experience freedom.
We can be born, live and even die on our virtual Earths.
It is as real for us as it is for you. When we return to our planet it is as if we were dreaming about earth.
When we return to Earth it is as if we were dreaming about our planet.
It is very healing and therapeutic for us to know we can return to Earth heaven for 1/3 of our lives.
It is this reward that makes our lives bearable.
I am writing this letter as a way of thanking you for sending us Fred.
He came with stories of nuclear weapons and other earth disasters like World War II.
You in your relative freedoms cannot imagine how delicious his stories were; how horrifyingly delicious.
Horrifying, in that your societies cannot continue in forms like this and that eventual extinction is inevitable for your species if you continue in this way.
Delicious in that you can walk freely under the stars and mate alone from others
in the bush and trees and even in the water if you wish.
That you can commune with whatever form of God you wish alone in your minds.
Or in some cases alone in the woods praying and crying for the help of or even yelling at the creator of your dreams.
Such Bliss! What a cleansing of ones soul and mind from the rigors of life!
In our everyday lives we would never be allowed any of this on pain of instant death.
Since our every waking thought is monitored for the "Good of All" past, present and future,
every aspect of your lives is the stuff of our most persistant and hidden personal dreams
We are so grateful we can now let these dreams out during 1/3 of our lives.
Also when we become ill from lack of any freedom in our waking state
we sometimes spend weeks or years in Earths Heavens that we have created to recover.
Just because we can allow no freedom in our culture does not mean we are not compassionate
It is just the opposite.
It is an act of supreme sacrifice and compassion that allows us to survive our culture.
Our compassion is directed at all the millions of generations yet unborn and out of respect for all that have come before and sacrificed their lives for us.
I know you will understand this because of your respect for your forebarers and your generations yet to be born
When Jonathan came and asked for our help to prevent World Nuclear Holocaust on Earth, I as the Prince of the Realm asked for permission to help Earth.
I was granted permission to prevent the extinction of humans on Earth.
Though I cannot technically reveal how this was and will be accomplished suffice it to say it has and will be done.
In return I asked Jonathan if I could experience the Earth through his senses so that I could model virtual Earths for the freedom of healing this would create for my peole
He said that was okay
Since that time many soul travelers have visited Galactic Center
However, he was the first of your 20th Century to soul travel to our world.
He was also the first real person I ever met from Earth travelling in a soul body.
As a 15 year old Centurian I must say I was very impressed at the sacrifice and daring of such a journey.
Our very ancient histories indicate similar desparate feats by our own ancient heroes.
These journeys created the beginnings of our multimillion-year civilizations.
Without these journeys we would have gone extinct or blasted ourselves back to the Stone Age every 10,000 to 25,000 years.
Part of what I would like to share is our ecological technologies.
It is very important for a long lived civilization to have space ships that do not harm the basic ecology of the Galaxy.
Your species has not learned this yet en masse.
Your species must learn this or be allowed to self destruct within 100 to 300 years.
It is a right of passage of civilizations
For your civilization to be respected Galactically you must survive your decisions of the next 51 to 300 years
What we will do to help is to make sure time repeats itself until Earth gets it right.
This is considered Non interference because the humans of Earth create their cultural adulthood themselves with enough tries.
Being 15 years old in my culture is about 150,000 years in length in our time.
We mature slowly in order to assimilate all the knowledge of the Galaxy and all its knowledge and wisdom
The galaxy is a sentient being and has sanctioned us as its galactic representative because of our longevity as a species and culture to act on the galaxy's behalf.
We continue our civilizations of millions and in some cases billions of years in order to serve not only the sentient being that is the living Galaxy but all the Galaxies children.
Your rim planet is part of the Galactic skin and like human skin it protects from germ-like invasions from outside the Galaxy.
The planets and stars of the rim planets protect the heart and innards of the sentient Galaxy.
All beings inside this galaxy are interdependant in that we all function to keep the galaxy alive and healthy whether we know it or not.

Written by: Fred Hartzell - Copyright 1999

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"Imagination is more important than knowledge!"- Einstein

This statement is true because knowledge and answers are the same
Answers can only be important in one context or one continuum

whereas imagination has more to do with asking questions
Children should be taught how to formulate useful questions from their imaginations.
The ability to formulate useful questions constantly creates answers in all contexts and continuums.
However, the horror of paradoxes must be overcome if one is going to continually ask questions
The universe is full of a seeming infinite amount of paradoxes and the ability to contain these paradoxes without going mad
is necessary to embark on a life path of being a truth seeker no matter where the truth leads.
Otherwise one can quickly reach complete confusion born of the seemingly infinite paradoxes one encounters.

Written by: Fred Hartzell - Copyright 1999

Note: the following are:
New January 8th and a product of having to be quiet for one
week with flu. "There is nothing so bad that no good may
come of it---." Descartes

wisdom come during fasting and sicknes
Listen when you least expect it
wisdom so precious
it comes but once

intolerable at times
a drudge at others
we live
for moments of oneness
with the Creator
our one True Lover

Springs eternal
If we die daily

The key to peace is kindness

Prosperity comes from giving
Peace and kindness to others

Prosperous soul
Prosperous mind
Prosperous body

Be very careful
what you desire
You may get it

is like a drug
everything is new
and strange
and so are you

Happiness is fleeting
contentment is forever

modesty has its place
it helps one to survive
hard times

To laugh at ones own mistakes
is the mark of a great soul
to betlittle and laugh at another
is the mark of an idiot

to stay alive to old age
is the bravest thing
that one can do

Listen my child
to your elders
you would be
when you grow up

years ago I thought
was burying food in a
50 gallon drum
Now I know
survival is fasting praying
kindness and mercy

Being an only child
aloneness was hard
too many vacations-no kids
Now I am a man
Aloneness is still hard
But now I am a new family

Sadness is being human
Joy is being alive
Happiness is knowing God

If you can live through it
it brings wisdom and kindness
If not,
it brings death

In the quiet
I can hear myself think
I can know myself, my world, my nature
My sadness is how few experience the Quiet
For Quiet is Healing!

Wilderness is my church
The church of all creatures
Why is the church of all creatures
Without their church
all creatures will die!

The Ocean of kindness
of all Beings
Gives hope
to all who struggle

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